Manufactured and distributed by Bally Midway in 1982. The player controls Tron, either in human form or piloting a vehicle, using an eight-way joystick for movement, a trigger button on the stick to fire (or slow down the player's light cycle), and a rotary dial for aiming. The goal of the game is to score points and advance through the game's twelve levels by completing each of the sub-games.


Produced by Konami in 1992. In the game, up to six players control the X-Men to defeat their archenemy Magneto.

Terminator 2:

Judgement Day

Produced by Midway Manufacturing Company in 1991. The story of the game falls in line with the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day: to save the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, and his mother Sarah from the T-1000, a mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, bent on killing them both.

Sunset Riders

Developed and released by Konami in 1991. The game, which is set in a fanciful version of the American Old West, revolves around four bounty hunters named Steve, Billy Cool, Bob, and Cormano Wild, who are out to claim rewards offered for eliminating the most wanted outlaws in the West.

The Simpsons

 Developed and published by Konami in 1991. The game allows up to four players to control members of the Simpson family, as they fight various enemies in order to rescue the kidnapped Maggie.

Street Fighter II:

Champion Edition

Released for the arcades by Capcom in 1992. The player engages opponents in one-on-one close quarter combat in a series of best-two-out-of-three matches. The objective of each round is to deplete the opponent's vitality before the timer runs out.

Super Puzzle Fighter II

First released in 1996 by the Capcom Coin-Op division. Using gem blocks, you match up the colors and then destroy them with orbs of a similar color. In the middle of the screen there are two "Super Deformed Anime" fighters who perform moves when you destroy gems. Different moves are performed by destroying different types of gems.

Raiden II

Raiden was produced by Seibu Kaihatsu in 1990. In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of deranged aliens. Following the invasion, a new cutting-edge weapon, the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, based on a destroyed alien craft, is created for humanity's hope for survival.


Produced by Nintendo in 1984. A first-person perspective boxing game where you fight six boxers in the WVBA. The player character is a green wire frame model who must defeat all the opponents to become the champion.


NARC was produced by Williams Electronic Games, Inc. in 1988. This is a one or two player simultaneous side-scroller. You are a futuristic police officer arresting or obliterating drug dealers, junkies, and attack dogs using machine guns and rocket launchers. 


Produced by Midway Games in 1993. Two-on-two basketball with digitized images of real NBA players, and no referee. Monster dunks and announcers make this one an all time classic.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Turtles in Time

Produced by Konami in 1991. Control one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as you battle through different time periods (prehistoric to the future) in this horizontal scrolling fighting game.

Ms. Pac Man

Produced by Midway Manufacturing Co. in 1981. Ms. Pac-Man must eat all the dots in a maze in order to advance to the next stage. She's chased by killer ghosts but she can eat them while powered up after eating one of four large dots. Bonus points are awarded for eating the fruits and snacks that appear and wander the maze.

Neo Geo

Produced by SNK in 1989. A cartridge-based arcade system that allowsf our games to be loaded: Metal Slug 5, Bust-A-Move, The Next Glory, Samurai Showdown III

Mortal Kombat III

Produced by Midway Games in 1995. A fast-paced, head-to-head fighting game with twelve characters to choose from each one with his or her own special moves. Lots of blood and gore with special endings

Killer Queen

Developed by Josh DeBonis and Nikita Mikros in 2013. Ten player arcade strategy game played between two teams of five players. The gold team plays on the gold cabinet and the blue team plays on the blue cabinet. Each team starts off with a "Queen" and four "workers". Workers can later be converted into warriors. There are three ways to win and endless ways to lose.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Produced by Sega in 1990. Michael has to rescue the children, kidnapped by Mr. BIG, using Bubbles the chimp and his moonwalking and dancing smartbomb skills.

Initial D 4

Produced by Sega in 2007. Pick from several different characters in the series and race against opponents, or against the clock in a 'time trial' run.

Double Dragon

Produced by Taito in 1987. Martial Arts masters, Billy and Jimmy Lee AKA Hammer and Spike, must defeat the savage street gang known as the Black Warriors to rescue Billy's girlfriend, Marian.

Donkey Kong

Produced by Nintendo in 1981. Jumpman (known today as Mario) must traverse levels structures to save his girlfriend, Pauline, from Donkey Kong before time runs out. The levels include Girders, Rivets, Elevators, and Conveyor Belts. Mario must avoid flames, barrels, and bouncing rivets to reach his goal.

Area 51

Produced by Atari Games in 1995. Kill the aliens and their mothership solo or with a partner by shooting at the screen with the provided gun controller.

House of The Dead 2

Produced by Sega in 1998. Go through a mansion filled with zombies, chainsaw-wielding undead and other creatures. You must destroy their evil creator, while saving scientists and your girlfriend.



Monster Bash:

Limited Edition

Star Wars Pro

Black Knight:

Sword of Rage

Theater of Magic



Attack From Mars

Medieval Madness

White Water

Lord of The Rings