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Bols Barrel Aged Genever

ABV: 42%

Neat: $8

Cocktail: $13

Bols Genever Barrel Aged is aged on French oak casks for 18 months. Taste Rich and rounded malty flavour, with vanilla, wood and apricot tones. Perfect serve For aged cocktails or to be enjoyed neat. Master Distiller Piet Van Leijenhorst, current secret recipe keeper and steward of Bols Genevers for over 25 years now, was inspired by the American bourbon tradition and decennia of experience in aging Genever by the Lucas Bols Company and decided that an original 19th century Bols Genever recipe would be perfect for aging on oak. Hand crafted by Piet and aged for at least 18 months, Bols Barrel Aged Genever is ready for the United States spirit enthousiast. Bols Genever Barrel-Aged is the authentic aged Genever from Amsterdam, blended to perfection according to the original 19th-century Lucas Bols recipe and refined by time in Limousin oak casks. For the true connoisseur, Bols Barrel Aged Genever is a limited production that is stored for over two years in oak casks from the French Limousin region. These barrels impart a pale golden colour and a rich, oaky, sweet flavour to the genever. The heart of every quality Genever is malt wine - a rye, wheat and corn distillate triple distilled in copper pot stills, that is then blended with a unique bouquet of traditional Genever botanicals (hops, cloves, anise, licorice, ginger, juniper amongst many others).During the maturation process, the precious distillate undergoes a substantial change in colour, fragrance and flavour under the influence of the young wood.  In 2007 Genever became a protected spirit of Holland, meaning it has the equivalent of a French appellation controlé d’origine (AOC). It can only be made from high-quality ingredients in the traditional way, and only in Holland and a few nearby areas.

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