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Booker's Bourbon

"Country Ham" Batch

62.35% ABV

Neat: $12

Cocktail: $16

This batch is made up of 364 barrels, produced on a single date and stored in three warehouses. The breakdown of barrel storage is as follows: 

51% came from the 7th floor of 9-story warehouse H  

5% came from the 3rd floor of 7-story warehouse P  

44% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse P  

This batch has an elegant color that is beautiful in the glass. The aroma is sweet with a subtle hint of vanilla that is mingled with brown sugar notes.  The flavor is sweet at first with a long, smooth finish that warms your palate.  I know this batch would be one Dad would enjoy while he sampled the country hams Freddie and I cure today in the same smokehouse he and his grandfather Jim Beam cured hams in many years ago. 

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