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Copper & Kings Immature Brandy

ABV: 45%

Neat: $9

Cocktail: $13

Made from 100% Muscat, double distilled in copper pot stills and non-chill filtered. The use of copper stills helps removes sulfides, lending to a cleaner flavor. In order for Brandy to be on the label, the spirit must be aged for 2 years. As this is unaged, Copper & Kings pioneered the term "Immature Brandy".  The Copper & Kings distillery is a modern brandy distillery in the heart of Bourbon country. One way in which they are more forward thinking is in their maturation: as the brandies are aged in both Used Bourbon and New American Oak, distillery workers often play loud music in the warehouses to cause vibrations within the barrels, allowing for more interaction between the wood and spirit.  Aroma- Exotic fruits, lychee elderflower, marzipan

Taste- Intensely floral, perfumed. Unique smooth mouth-feel and complexity. Fresh, crisp and bold, subtle grape notes.

Finish- Lingering notes of alpine, mint. 

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