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Pierre Ferrand 1840

ABV: 45%

Neat: $10

Cocktail: $13

All Ferrand Cognacs are derived from vineyards in the heart of the chalk-rich and mineral-laden soils of the Grand Champagne region. Double distilled in somewhat unusual onion headed copper pot  cognac/alembic stills from a base wine with lees (similar to beer with lees -meaning aged unfiltered with particles of wine it in to give it more flavor and depth) it is then aged in French Limousin Oak casks until ready to be blended.    

Using a rare bottle of Pinet Castillion from 1840 as inspiration, distiller Alexandre Gabriel, together with cocktail historian, developed this cocktail-driven Cognac, as an homage to what Harry Johnson and Jerry Thomas would have mixed in their drinks.

Nose:  White flowers, orange, peach and honey.

Palate: Full-bodied, with bitter orange peel and stone fruit flavors, with lingering vanilla and oak

Finish: Warm vanilla and slightly dry.

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